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Co-operative Products

We source, pack, brand and deliver Halal products for our customers directly sourced from Sharia compliant facilities from around the globe at very competitive rates.

Personal Care

Great display of extensive range of personal care, cleaning, hygienic and beauty products from all renowned brands, offered with the lowest price in the market.


Branded packaged food products, range of fresh food, staple foods, frozen, chilled, you name it, all under one roof, ensuring value for your money in all essential commodities, sourced from Sharia Compliant sources.

Fresh Dairy & preserves

Alain coop provides fresh dairy product section diversified range high quality of local and imported dairy products that meet the needs of all Al Ain COOP customers


Al ain coop provides wide variety of fresh bakery products . 


Butchery section provides all types of fresh meats and chickens, grills and snacks at competitive prices


Alain coop provides fresh quality fishes  in selected branches .

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables Sections provide high quality products with competitive prices, which are imported or procured from the local market directly from local farms. 

Spices & Condiments

Al ain coop provides wide variety of spices .

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